Global Warming

6 Nov

First:  Global warming is a scientifically verified problem, and it’s a big bleeping deal.


I’m sick of the blame game in global warming.  At least stop blaming and antagonizing ordinary Americans.  Elected officials and major sources of influence are another matter.

Yes, global warming is real, verified science.  Guess what:  I’ve done primitive energy balance calculations before.  I know a bit about: albedo, absorption spectra, black body radiation, irradiance, etc.  I’ve taken an atmospheric science class at a university, *gasp*(more than one class, in fact).  I suppose I actually have to say that, since today you’re not allowed to be broadly open-minded on reality.  You have to either be a hardcore materialist who mocks his own consciousness, or you have to be an end of days mofo preacher who likens science to the snake in the garden.  Most importantly, ya gotta call the other guy a lot of names and pretend like the problems can be instantly solved if you are put immediately into power.

I have no doubt that global warming requires experts, dedicated policy, and innovation to be dealt with properly(the present response being hopelessly inadequate), but even with the best response it’s going to be a significant challenge.

Well, I ain’t a polarized loon.  Sorry, dude.  I’m not a member of any party.  There are no banners on my wall.  Reality is complicated, but the global warming science is sound and is independent of, for example, mysteries about consciousness.  I thought that was obvious, but maybe it’s not obvious.  I try to respect myself and others by going outside of thought-on-rails when I can, but maybe it’s too much for some.  Maybe they’re ashamed to be associated with anyone who might say something their associates consider disreputable.

Need every little comment be laboriously explained?

When I say things about being skeptical of human ability to control our own destiny, I’m not saying science and technology don’t make great advances.  They do.  The real difference of opinion is in the political interpretation of this situation.  I’m observing the obvious: power struggles will go on, and power differentials will determine sentiments(consider PR’s mottled history — plenty of science there).  We can accelerate the game and steer it away from various dead ends, but our control over what ultimately dominates the game is tenuous and partial at  best.  Humans do their best to reinterpret all of this as romantically as possible, but it’s not very romantic at the end of the day.  It just is.  

Alas, our Universe appears geared for popping out creatures who take themselves too seriously.  I’ve accepted that this is beyond my control.  I don’t make the rules of the Universe; it’s going to keep happening.  Whoosh!





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