Evidence and Ideology

30 Oct

Pop-science seems to have helped make it taboo to think a person can know something on his own.  This is nonsensical, since science has empiricism at its core.  Look up the etymology of that word.

One subtle implication of this trend is that a person is not allowed to know on her own that she exists — at least that something vaguely coherent exists.  Claiming anything transcendent is, of course, completely banned.  We don’t know why anything exists, much less why there would be something as striking as pain and pleasure in this world, but don’t you dare venture the transcendent!  Many materialists confuse their arrows with what the arrows point at.  I’ve tried to explain this.

What if I prefer Debussy to Mozart?  Under this view, it’s either meaningless babbling epiphenomenon or scientifically invalid, right? (I’m being sarcastic.  Extreme materialists will probably fail to detect the sarcasm.)

If this goes far enough, it will eventually become permissible to violate a person’s dignity on the grounds that only some inaccessible authority is qualified to judge such things.  The new model: people can’t decide for themselves.  You can’t own yourself, because “you” are a specter.  If so and so pinches you and says it doesn’t hurt, then it doesn’t hurt.  Try to pay attention;  dignity is inconvenient.  Never mind that it’s necessary for genius and sustainable civilization and all that.

This does not mean that people make perfect decisions, are never self-destructive, have ideal Platonic souls, etc.  It just implies that such a thing as private truth does exist.  It does not mean that private truth can, by fiat, displace scientific truth.  It just means it’s there as a logically additive aspect of the situation.

Four lights.

How long will it be until seriously talking about even a scientifically compatible transcendent is banned?

“One of the greatest superstitions of our time is the belief that it has none.”

-Celia Green


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