12 Sep

Note:  One of my email accounts might be compromised.  I can’t be sure at the moment.  It’s a boring email account, but I have to protect myself against possible imposters.  Any real emails from me are guaranteed to be 100% boring and civil.


I’ve made a lot of progress in my personal outlook over the past two weeks.  It surprised me.

One big idea is that consciousness is a product of highly complex coherence. The brain is largely dependent on its environment for this coherence.  This observation may appear inert, but it would seem to indicate that the so-called “phi” depends on many levels of integration — many of which are completely outside of the flesh and blood human being.  One might view the Universe as a massive optical array generative of different categories of lenses(eg: gravitational, chemical, genetic …).  Some of these require very long exposure times.

Somehow, this symbiosis flips a switch for consciousness when the coherence becomes focused and usable within a person.  I’m pretty sure it’s a big deal, but it requires much more serious and rigorous investigation before any dramatic claims are made.  Dramatic speculation probably must precede dramatic claims, however.  A striking possibility is that consciousness is related to what might be called “context objects”, which pool inertia in harvestable ways.

This also led me to think about the factors involved in the rate of production of tightly focused, highly complex coherence.  The well-bred and well-functioning human brain seems to generate “novel” coherence much more rapidly than evolution does, for example.  This point was especially poignant for me, as I recently took the online Big History course.  The course puts a great deal of emphasis on “thresholds of complexity”, and it seems to fit with my thinking in this regard.

For now it’s but a tantalizing speculation.


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