26 Aug

I’m convinced that a very sophisticated Platonism will eventually carry the day.  There isn’t any other way to explain consciousness.  I felt I proved it to myself today.  It must be the case.

However, the situation is far more dynamic and embodied than some of the common associations of the word ‘Platonism’ suggest.  Whitehead made an attempt at something like this, but he had too much metaphysics and not enough data.  Studies of the human brain are beginning to bear fruit.  There are already some major insights about how sensory information gets integrated into perceptual objects.

My view of it almost qualifies as a meta-Platonism.  I’d conservatively guess that the full story wildly exceeds present human imagination — this is not the kind of Platonism that believes in the ideal chair and the universal Christmas tree.  I see it more in terms of possible spaces/regions and in the potential and realized relations between these spaces.  There is also a critical element of transaction and real-time operation.

It’s exciting, daunting, and a long ways from total demonstration.  But boy do I ever feel it.  The intuition is becoming more sculpted.


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