That Universal Solvent

23 Aug

Namely, the Universe!


I’ve been thinking about the brain and intelligence.

The brain provides some interesting reminders:

1.  I don’t much know what’s going on with this thing, and I can’t know without empirical elaboration.

2.  I’m walking around with a head of sloppy wires.


My ego wants to feel important and sufficient unto itself, but the facts deflate this attitude.  I am incomplete and frail as this creature.

It relates to the need for a sense of control.

But it seems that the Universe’s desires are the ones really met, figuratively speaking, and mine only matter insofar as they become valuable properties of this authoritative aesthetic.  Real control appears to be an exercise in harmony.

Resisting this state of affairs is pointless and tragic.

So, I’ll contribute what I can in service of greater intelligence and harmony.  At the moment, that seems to entail machine intelligence, neural networks, neuroscience, genetic engineering/augmented selection, complexity science, and so on.

Biology probably holds a lot of promise for revealing basic structures of authority and autonomy.  Many disciplines will be contributing to such developments.  It’s far beyond the scope of my expertise and intelligence, but I cling to hope.


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