9 Aug

I’m not sure why I’m being threatened, because I have no interest in squabbles and am primarily interested in the long-term.  I’m a peaceful person, and anyone who isn’t is not anyone I’d be having anything to do with.  Short-term games don’t interest me much, because I know they probably have little to do with long-term outcomes except in the obvious critical cases which are handled by various institutions.  The way I see it: win by good works, superior understanding, and largeness of character —  anything else is rotten.  Be a better person every day, pull up good people, and the rest will sort itself out.  There is far more long-term power in enhancing the positives than in obsessing over the negatives.

If someone thinks I am their problem, I don’t even know how to respond.  I have no ambitions for games of one-upmanship.  I wish everyone only the best.  Including myself, by the way.  I feel that I’m being poked in the hope that I’ll react poorly, but I really want the best for everyone.  I don’t like being poked, but I have to assume it’s based on a misunderstanding.  I have emotions and flaws like anyone, but I hope for the best and try to get better every day.  I see courage as being about dignity and long-term building, not about petty shit wars.  That’s it.

My main point has been that the future of the entire planet may depend on a proper understanding of what I call ‘the Sacred’.  Not something that comes from me personally, but something that is in nature itself.  *shrug*

This is all I was ever trying to say.  I live on this planet, after all, and so I’m a bit concerned about its future.


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