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26 Aug

I’m convinced that a very sophisticated Platonism will eventually carry the day.  There isn’t any other way to explain consciousness.  I felt I proved it to myself today.  It must be the case.

However, the situation is far more dynamic and embodied than some of the common associations of the word ‘Platonism’ suggest.  Whitehead made an attempt at something like this, but he had too much metaphysics and not enough data.  Studies of the human brain are beginning to bear fruit.  There are already some major insights about how sensory information gets integrated into perceptual objects.

My view of it almost qualifies as a meta-Platonism.  I’d conservatively guess that the full story wildly exceeds present human imagination — this is not the kind of Platonism that believes in the ideal chair and the universal Christmas tree.  I see it more in terms of possible spaces/regions and in the potential and realized relations between these spaces.  There is also a critical element of transaction and real-time operation.

It’s exciting, daunting, and a long ways from total demonstration.  But boy do I ever feel it.  The intuition is becoming more sculpted.


That Universal Solvent

23 Aug

Namely, the Universe!


I’ve been thinking about the brain and intelligence.

The brain provides some interesting reminders:

1.  I don’t much know what’s going on with this thing, and I can’t know without empirical elaboration.

2.  I’m walking around with a head of sloppy wires.


My ego wants to feel important and sufficient unto itself, but the facts deflate this attitude.  I am incomplete and frail as this creature.

It relates to the need for a sense of control.

But it seems that the Universe’s desires are the ones really met, figuratively speaking, and mine only matter insofar as they become valuable properties of this authoritative aesthetic.  Real control appears to be an exercise in harmony.

Resisting this state of affairs is pointless and tragic.

So, I’ll contribute what I can in service of greater intelligence and harmony.  At the moment, that seems to entail machine intelligence, neural networks, neuroscience, genetic engineering/augmented selection, complexity science, and so on.

Biology probably holds a lot of promise for revealing basic structures of authority and autonomy.  Many disciplines will be contributing to such developments.  It’s far beyond the scope of my expertise and intelligence, but I cling to hope.

The Game

23 Aug

You know that game which you lose by thinking about the game itself?  It’s a very clever thing.  Philosophers lost that game.  They lost it so hard that a new basement of lose had to be dug out to accommodate them.

But at least they know they lost, right?  They can feel the loss within existence!  They have an acute awareness of it, which is pretty special…or something.

I think nature is insulated from total philosophy.  It will keep finding ways to win The Game.  Alchemy lives!

To play or not to play?

An Amazing Experiment

20 Aug

Fluid Tests Hint at Concrete Quantum Reality


The linked site has many worthwhile articles.  I don’t know what this particular experiment implies for physics, if anything, but the demonstration is a work of art in its own right.

The Fact Is…

11 Aug

Re: What the hell is going on with the blog?!

I write this blog as a dude recovering from a pathetic and miserable period in my life.  I write it as a tribute to my curiosity, mostly.  I try to find purpose, focus, morals, humor, and so on.  I also wanted to let my real dorky self out a bit, which just means being too literal and melodramatic sounding at times, but really having the same meaning as blander things people say all the time.  This is confusing and absurd at points, but it’s just the way my mind works best.  I wanted a place where I could let it operate per its own idiosyncratic tendencies.

I am completely astounded that there was any kind of interest in my blog at all, and I have little idea about how much interest is out there.  It’s the sort of thing I’d be trying to ignore, anyway.  I’m not one for obsessing over what others think and expect.

But now that I am getting threats and attention which I really don’t understand, I have to say that I’m just this ridiculous guy, and I’m trying to figure out my life and what’s right.  I don’t know what the heck anyone else is getting out of it.  I guess I’m not nearly as aware as I thought, which is too bad.  More awareness would have done a lot of good.

I figure some things out on the fly, and now I’m trying to figure out what is going on!  I really don’t know a hell of a lot.  It’s not fun to suddenly get strange attention and threats out of the blue.  It’s become clear to me that I am being perceived as something that I’m not, and that’s not good.  Yes, I panicked a little when getting attention from people I perceived as very unfriendly, because I genuinely did not know why I was getting that attention.  So I perceived it as an outright hostility.  I was scared and confused.

I care about philosophy, the big questions kind of stuff, and then the basic stuff in my little life that everyone else has.  Once again, I sound weirdly serious about it, but that’s just a quirk of my thinking process.  I also trained myself to keep asking questions.  To get deeper answers, etc.  I decided to take philosophy seriously for a while.  That’s all!  I want world peace and goodness just like most people do, but sometimes I do thought experiments to help me get over my own naivete.  Such as, “well, it’s fine and well to say this, but what about game theory, Darwin, etc…?”   Is it too much over-the-top philosophy at times?  You bet.

Anyway…holy hell.  I’m a teddy bear, come on!

I’ve found myself growing a lot through writing more freely, but god knows I need to be a better son, grandson, friend, blogger, grammarian, etc.  My life was complete pathetic misery until a few years ago, and today I’m happy to even be alive.  Philosophy helped me to regain my confidence and sense of purpose.  It helped me rebuild myself.  That’s what I get out of it.


Be that as it may, I do have to at least finish reading Tragedy and Hope.  It even has some complexity science-like portions.  As I read about the stages of empires, I found myself thinking about the empire of science and how its new capital may be Silicon Valley.  Centuries ago it had HQ in northwestern Europe and was more theoretical than technological.  Anyway, lots of material there.


9 Aug

I’m not sure why I’m being threatened, because I have no interest in squabbles and am primarily interested in the long-term.  I’m a peaceful person, and anyone who isn’t is not anyone I’d be having anything to do with.  Short-term games don’t interest me much, because I know they probably have little to do with long-term outcomes except in the obvious critical cases which are handled by various institutions.  The way I see it: win by good works, superior understanding, and largeness of character —  anything else is rotten.  Be a better person every day, pull up good people, and the rest will sort itself out.  There is far more long-term power in enhancing the positives than in obsessing over the negatives.

If someone thinks I am their problem, I don’t even know how to respond.  I have no ambitions for games of one-upmanship.  I wish everyone only the best.  Including myself, by the way.  I feel that I’m being poked in the hope that I’ll react poorly, but I really want the best for everyone.  I don’t like being poked, but I have to assume it’s based on a misunderstanding.  I have emotions and flaws like anyone, but I hope for the best and try to get better every day.  I see courage as being about dignity and long-term building, not about petty shit wars.  That’s it.

My main point has been that the future of the entire planet may depend on a proper understanding of what I call ‘the Sacred’.  Not something that comes from me personally, but something that is in nature itself.  *shrug*

This is all I was ever trying to say.  I live on this planet, after all, and so I’m a bit concerned about its future.