22 Jul

I don’t believe a life needs to be lived on the self-conscious basis of ‘helping others’.  In a way, taking this mindset too far can become as bad as doing things strictly for money.

The love of science and its initiatives, for one, can and must take on a life of its own.  Many love science for science, and not because it will help feed starving children.  It will help with that, but that doesn’t mean that everyone doing science must always keep it in mind.  I hope that some don’t.  Similarly, I hope Tony MacAlpine doesn’t fret about what he thinks listeners want to hear or what will sell the most.  I don’t think that’s the way these things work best.  There’s a beauty and a power in pursuing studies and practices for their own sake.  Science and technology need true love every bit as much as a child does.  Yes, they need a sense of relevance, but we need our romantic wanderers, too.  Differentiation!

I don’t like the forced mindset of always doing something with a specific external goal in mind, and I will never apologize for that. Not everyone has that agenda-driven mindset, and they’re not necessarily inferior for being that way.  Complimentary approaches can probably do far more in coordination than a single anal command and control approach can by itself.  That’s all I was ever really saying on this topic, but it wasn’t coming out right.



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