Yesterday’s Lens

10 Jul

I retain much of the mindset I developed when I was sick.  I didn’t realize how sick I was, so there was no sense of distance from the experience.  It’s strange to face it in hindsight, because the inclination is to think “this is me”.  That’s who I thought I was for a long time.

It’s very odd.

I doubt I would have become nearly as interested in philosophy if I’d never had the major health issues.  It’s difficult, if not impossible, to know that ‘what if’.  In any event, I don’t imagine philosophy would have been nearly as prominent in my life.  I can imagine that I’d still have been interested in it, but it’d have probably been more casual.  Things like boobs and general life success would probably have become more prominent.  Prominent as hell!

Boobs and philosophy rarely share the same sentence, let alone the same room.  This is a fact of reality.  The last thing boobs want to hear about is the categorical imperative.  Hell, even I don’t wanna hear about it again!

Philosophy surprised me.  I had no idea what I was getting into, and I’m happy I ended up here.  It’s quite a ride.



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