Big Budget Philosophy

7 Jul

Discussing philosophy can be difficult, because it’s commonly seen as just another topic riding on common sense.  That’s not what it is.  This interpretation is automatic; common sense is typically something one notices only when it’s missing or warped. It’s as if a blood vessel in the eye suddenly ruptures, and one is reminded that such things do exist after all.

Having conversations with goldfish on the topic of water ranges from difficult to impossible.  Understanding what a human is without looking underneath the skin is damn hard.  Philosophy is an iceberg: what is readily visible is buoyed by a great submerged mass.

Surprisingly, Hollywood is one of the best sources of philosophy.  Maybe that’s because the medium of film is ideal for compelling symbolism.  This symbolism is better suited for sneaking around a person’s assumptions than prose is, if sometimes only at a subconscious level.  The message is not delivered through the usual routes, so it may arc around obstacles with less filtering than blunt prose is subjected to.  The film experience is more immersive and personal.

Also, movies are waaay more exciting than academic philosophy is.


Considering the following films:













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