Solving Problems

18 Jun

It’s a nice thing, but don’t forget people who are the first to recognize various problems as problems.  Is it as trivial or obvious as one expects…?

Simple example:  Many people see no ‘problem’ with being mortal.  Others do.  Some see no ‘problem’ with consciousness in our present understanding.  Some do.  I’m sure some ancients saw no ‘problem’ with not having wheels.  But someone thought better.

Beware the idea that problems are ‘already there’ for us to ‘find’.  It’s always possible to be isotropically content, inert; it’s possible to embrace things as they are ‘by definition’.  That is a very sane orientation.  There’s a lot to be said for pesky ambition that refuses to settle.  The world is full of people who have learned not to be ambitious in any potent way, but even they usually love an Elon Musk.  The average psychology learns to celebrate limitations and customs; it learns to lecture others about the merits of clipped wings.  It seeks to eliminate risk and uncertainty even when doing so makes it less.  Soaring psychologies obsess over what they will soon make possible.  They seek to mate their imaginations with the present so that tomorrow might be more.

People who move the world in new ways must have seen something wanting in it to begin with.  They dared to exalt part of their aspiration over the present state of affairs.  The audacity!  They made themselves present at the expense of what had been and for the sake of what would be.

Those persons who force contentedness…mustn’t they also blunt their emotions?  Mustn’t they pretend the bad things are actually somehow tolerable?  Doesn’t this whole procedure weaken their communion with reality, other people, and themselves?  I have become…comfortably numb.



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