11 Jun

Identifying Marx with the material rise of man is questionable at best.  Francis Bacon, Newton, Benjamin Franklin/Americana, pragmatism, the rule of law, liberal markets, and many other influences are certainly to credit for such things.  Karl Marx was a piggy-backer who did far more to enslave people and crush their minds than he did to empower them.

Marx pays a lot of lip service to science, but he was no scientist.  He just knew which way to blow his kisses!

Plus, much of what is interesting in Marx really is not “Marxist” at all but originated in Max Stirner and other thinkers who preceded Marx.  Stirner suggested worker’s unions, and he was not the first to do so.

Marxism took the Sacred out of the individual man and set it in a phony teleology.  Of course it led to enslavement.  He perverted Stirner’s insight about the proper relationship between standards and life.

This is why I’m very skeptical about developing religions of Utility, numbers, abstractions, grand goals, etc.  Final sovereignty is in life, not in adrift abstractions.  Abstractions can be great tools, but bad things happen when such soaring Concepts become absolute ends in themselves.

It seems to be an issue of keeping heuristics from becoming absolute.  It’s reminiscent of fad diets, magic pills, ‘the answer to life’, oversimplified chess strategies, etc.  A disciplining context is needed.

There’s a challenge in developing standards, goals, and plans which enhance life instead of enslaving it.  It’s a moving target.  The insight seems to be that the Sacred is a matter of relations and not of literals/objects/bogeys.  Any formula exists in a context, and if the context is lost, then alienation may follow.  Human beings are prone to waves of exaggeration of this or that aspect of a complex situation.  Answers to questions and solutions to problems are often achieved without a full consciousness of the context in which they occur.  It’s probably a necessary evil for beings as limited as humans, but it’s something to watch.



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