To The Stars

9 Jun

I loved astronomy as a kid.  My interest was catalyzed by a talk I heard at school in 2nd grade.  After that, I demanded to be taken to the library to read as many astronomy books as possible.  I developed an incredible sense of wonder and awe as my imagination attempted to fathom the extraordinary alienness of the celestial spatioscape in contrast with the typical domestic doings in all the little human enclaves on Earth.

Philosophy holds much of the same wonder for me.

I have often wished that more people would not just aim high in their affairs in the material world, but would aim beyond anything strictly ‘human’ at all.  I get frustrated when it is implied that merely improving the human situation is the highest end.  It is a wonderful and noble end when done well, but I believe there are stars in our moral skies, too, and they ought not to be neglected.

Humans are but one form of a potentiality which is far beyond anything strictly human.  The wonderful Celia Green understands this sort of thing, and she is also an expert on the evasive maneuvers which are commonly taken whenever a poor sap accidentally confronts the colossus of existence.

You have to hold a flower very close to your eyes if it is to blot out the sky.

From: The Human Evasion

What is called for is a study of this vital potentiality itself.  Much as physics is really a study of the general potentiality of any given object or physical situation, I believe the future holds in store a study of the general Sacred potentiality of any given or possible life form.  This would relate to the creature’s consciousness when applicable, also: self-consistency, computation, reason to be, the relation to the Universe/Reality at large, possibilities of development/evolution, authority and autonomy, the problem of other minds, epistemology, ontology, mathematics, creativity, intentionality, meaning, order/networks/bandwidth, and so on.

Many people fear this study.  They recoil into their finite common sense, that implicit faith, and dig in against the perceived enemy.  Their sanity is non-negotiable.  It is sure to bust up plenty of egos and religions before all is said and done.  I even expect it to change our view of science, although this aspect of the thing is very difficult to explain to anyone who sees no value in philosophy, art, and/or religion.  It’ll take time, but I believe it’s coming.

It is easy to be bogged down in the workaday cynicism of those who have abandoned their connection to the greater reality and prefer to blot out their higher awareness with domestic minutiae.  There’s a sort of giddy misery to the whole process.  It’s a sick bond cherished by knowing fellow travelers.  Nothing satisfies such persons more than dragging down dreamers into the dank hovels of the forsaken.  “This is all a dwelling can be, don’t you see!”  No.

I feel the proper reaction to this is to go straight for the stars, knowing that the closer one gets to a breakthrough, the louder the moaning from the peanut gallery will become.  Rather than participating in muddy infighting, it’s best to reprocess the flack into fuel for knocking things up a whole ‘nother order of magnitude.  Why not touch the Sacred itself?  Why settle for the guise?  The pursuit of dignity has many scales and municipalities, and I believe they must all be pursued together.




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